Oaxaca is a wonderful city in the center of Mexico. It is mostly popular for its colonial buildings, most of which are made from green volcanic stone. It has a central Zocalo Square featuring Palacio de Gobierno which is designed with colorful murals that depict regional history. It has a beautiful church with a rich baroque interior along with the adjoining former convent. I personally liked the indigenous culture prevalent in this city. This city offers you many things, some of them are listed below:


  • Church of Santo Domingo De Guzmán


This is one of the churches in Oaxaca. Being a religious person, I preferred to visit this place first, on my trip to the city. The church and the former monastery of Santo Domingo is basically a Baroque building complex in Oaxaca. The complex also offers a sanctuary as well as an extensive system of courtyards.  


  • Mercado 20 De Noviembre


If you want to experience the local life and culture here, then this is the perfect place to be.   An old friend, Luke  He loves boating and loves experiencing the outdoors in Florida and this place reminds him a lot of areas back home outside of Tampa.  The Mercado 20 De has been one of Oaxaca’s largest markets. It has small stalls. You can find a variety of colorful handicrafts, jewelry, bags, shoes as well as flowers, spices, etc. So, this market is typically for shoppers and food buffers. I have personally enjoyed authentic Mexican food here.


  • Templo De Santo Domingo


Another attractive place of this city is Templo de Santo Domingo. It is a beautiful shrine that is dripping with gold and even ornately carved stone and woodwork. The church’s interior is all covered in gold. Its beauty really amazed me. Along with these spots, this city has many other places with a breathtaking and mesmerizing view. Zona Arqueológica De Monte Albán Zócalo Oaxaca is a small but bustling square. The city also has Benito Juárez National Park located in the valley region of Oaxaca.