Suzhou is the city present in the west of Shanghai. This city is popular for its beautiful bridges, great gardens, and clean water canals. My trip to Suzhou was not the planned one, but when I came here, I found the place interesting and good for vacation. Some of the spots in the city really delighted me, while some gave me some picturesque moments. The people at the place is nice and very friendly, all that you need to have to enjoy the city is knowledge of Chinese and English language.

  • So, I started my journey to Suzhou a few months back and after reaching the city, my first destination was The Humble Administrator’s Garden. It is a wonderful garden built in the year 1513 nearly. The garden has the zigzag bridges and it is laid over the islands and pools that are connected. It is one its kind and for the first time, I saw anything of this type. After spending a few hours here, I headed to the Lingering Garden. This garden feature has the Crown of Clouds Peak and ornate viewing pavilions both are the main attraction here. Another attraction is the limestone rockery, which is striking.
  • Then I went to Tiger Hill, which is the home of 7-story, leaning Cloud Rock Pagoda. I liked this place as well and took lots of selfies.

  • Lake Tai is the freshwater lake and it is the third largest in China, the beauty of this lake is mesmerizing and couldn’t stop myself sitting next to the lake and enjoying its view.
  • Grand Buddha at Lian Shan is the largest Buddha statue in China as well as in the world. Here, you will get complete peace and not only from outside but from inside as well.