New Brunswick has many surprises stored for the tourists. There are numerous attractions that can be suitable for all budgets, travel styles, and interests. I enjoyed every outdoor activity offered by this city. If you are planning to visit New Brunswick, there are a few things you can enjoy.

  • Bay of Fundy and Fundy National Park

Most of the attractions that make this city so enticing are related to the Bay of Fundy. You will see the highest tides in here. This measures up to 19 meters and takes place 2 times every day. As the tides rise and fall, it develops a natural phenomenon which includes the Reversing Falls and a tidal bore of Moncton.

In Fundy National Park, see the forest meets the tide. You are going to get a breathtaking view in here. The best part is that you will get to enjoy this view all throughout the year. There are hiking trails and along them to enjoy the natural beauty. I was simply mesmerized by the beauty of the three waterfalls.

  • Hopewell Rock

Want to know a stunning fact about this rock? These look different on low and high tides. On high tides, it looks like tree-clad lands and on low tide; it appears like large eroded sea stacks. You will be able to check them out from a series of platforms. During low tide, you can walk down the stairs on the ocean bed. I took the guidance of the park ranger in here.

  • The Fundy Trail

The beautiful coastal Fundy Trail Park was a great experience. There are picnic spots where you will be able to enjoy the coastal cliffs and marine wildlife. You will find trails where you can go hiking and cycling. If you happen to visit during low tides, you can access the sea caves.