Florianopolis also was known as Floripa is separated into two parts. The main part is associated with cultural life is situated on a small island. The city is the capital of Santa Catarina. What attracted to me the place was that this place has more than 40 beaches and several things to do. This is the best place to visit during your summer vacation. Take a look at the sights and activities that the city has to offer.



  • Public market

Previously, this market consisted of tents which were separated into two parts. One was from the countryside locals and dealers from the locality. I found foodstuffs, hinterland drugs, fresh meals, and spices like vanilla and cinnamon in this market. This is lucrative and attractive for the tourists and the traders alike. However, now, the market sells not just food items but also handicrafts, clothes, and crockeries.

  • Historic center

If you want to gather some information on the city, visit the city’s historic center. You will find many historical buildings such as Cathedral Metropolitana and Public Market along with beautiful museums, plazas, and parks. As a matter of fact, you will also come across an extensive range of restaurants.

  • Spend time at the beach

Being a water sport and beach enthusiast, this place was a must-visit. The best beaches to surf are Praia Brava and Praia Mole. However, if you are new to surfing visit Barra da Lagoa. Joaquina is the place for the international surfing competition. Praia Moçambique, the natural beauty also has some of the popular and rich clubs. You can either visit them all or choose the right one for you.

  • Party

It is just the right place to party. There are many clubs and bars. In fact, you can use the beach for a barbeque party. The beaches offer bar and lounge during the daytime and transform to clubs during the night.