China is loaded by natural beauty and some of its cities are so awesome that there remains a huge influx of visitors all through the year. One such city is Zhengzhou, a metropolitan city located at the bank of Yellow River. It is also the capital of Henan province. The city has modern architect lifestyle and it has historical front as well. This is an old city dating to Neolithic times. Therefore, here you will get the opportunity to see both the new world and history of this place. My tour of the city was awesome and some of the places I liked most. If you are planning a tour to Zhengzhou, the do not miss these famous spots or you will have to come here again.

Shaolin Temple – This is one of the most popular place in the city. The monastery is located on the Song Mountains. The place is known for learning Kung Fu. Dengfeng is the nearest town from Shaolin and the town has many school teaching Kung Fu. It is known as the number one temple under the heaven. When I came to this temple, I felt fantastic about the culture of China and this art form. The mountain is covered with beautiful wild flowers and pine trees. Reach here in the morning and you can hear the birds singing, which is really soothing. There are many things to see in the temple so when you are visiting here, take ample time with you.

Mount Song – when I visited this mountain, the first word that came out of my mouth was amazing. It is such a spectacular. It is one of famous five mountains in China. Try to visit the mountain early morning or evening to capture some astonishing pictures.

The other spots that I recommend to visitors in Zhengzhou are henan museum, emperors Yan and Huang, Erqi memorial tower.