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I came to the Krabi province by traveling from Phuket from where it is a three-hour drive. It includes Krabi town which is the capital here. A popular place here in Ao Nang beach for which this province is popular. I found the tourist village here charming; it includes a scenic location with jungles, cliffs, and hills.

Going about Town

When I came to the town I found several beach resorts with good recommendations. I stayed at Railay Beach where the resort is located off the mainland and is accessed by water taxis. It also provides exclusive access to the beaches here. While at Ao Nang I enjoyed the beaches by day and night entertainment as well. Tubkaak being an attractive beach here has several resorts where one can stop by and dine. Krabi town is a short drive from here.   The beach is similar to one I visited with my friend back in North Carolina who is one of the top Charlotte roofing contractors in the area.  The beach was near the Myrtle Beach area & is long & deep, much like this one.  Really cool place to visit, with amazing marine life.

Activities to Try

When you are at Krabi, put up at a beach resort and book yourself for the different activities here. I signed up for scuba diving which is an excellent way to explore the coral reefs under the crystal clear waters. I also took day trips to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. What I enjoyed here are close views of the manta rays and whale sharks.

Sea tours are also something to enjoy here. A day-long cruise on a hired boat is ideal, especially if you are here in a group. I also tried sea kayaking that takes you close to the wildlife as well as helps you explore the limestone islands, caverns, and overhanging cliffs.

Fishing is also popular here since there are freshwater lakes known for fishing; it is easy to hire charter boats for fishing expeditions. I also took a local tour that took me to a tiger temple close by as well as a monkey island. It is also exciting to enjoy hot springs here.

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The city is a very quiet one. It is not the biggest of cities but a smaller one, smaller than all that I have visited in Turkey. The town has a very rural theme and atmosphere to it, but though its atmosphere is serene, the attractions this city has to offer are bizarre and opposite to the nature it resides in. The resorts and hotels in the city are the most comfortable and appreciated ones. There are ample restaurants and bars you can take off to for the kind of food you are looking for. The city also offers one of its kind cave hotels. The city has many small rocky houses and crumbled up streets making it very scenic to roam around in. Here are some of my suggestions of must visits.

Ziggy Café

The Ziggy café was made as a tribute to the pet dog of the creator and restorator for this city many major archaeological buildings. And since the café has been made, it has been a big hit among the locals as well as the visitors. The café is very charismatic and is a two leveled café and has so much to offer that you will want to try everything. The day here has many family gatherings and friends hanging out and the nightlife becomes much lit with live music shows and lightings. The café offers a cake that is designed the same as the dog the café is based on. The name of the dog was Ziêv.

Urgup Market

The Urgup market is the most popular market in the city, and though it is so famous the market is placed only on Saturdays every week. And since such a diverse market happens to be open only once a week, you can imagine the kind of crowd you will face in the market. But all that crowd and tiredness all is worth it because of the kind of shopping you can do from this place. The market displays some of the best and freshest produce of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Apart from the other side of the market offers small handmade ornaments and souvenirs. Just make sure to go early in the morning as the crowd will keep increasing with every minute.

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The theme of this city is very countryside. It is only 6 km from the Dingle, as it is located on the base of the Dingle Peninsula. While visiting with the kinds you must visit this city. It has several museums and parks that will prove to be very interesting attractions for your children. Tralee is located at the base of the southwestern coast is close to the beach costs and is surrounded by many ruins which are majestically architectural. The center of the city is located near the hilly regions and offer incredible sights. Here are some must-see places.

Kerry County Museum

This museum is the most reputed museum of all, around Tralee. The museum has even won several awards for its collection and maintenance. The theme of the museum is very medieval and offers you the history of Tralee. There are certain galleries and shows built inside of the museum; the most famous show is a game of solving a murder mystery, which is played by children. The cost of the game is 85 Euros for an hour. Apart from them you can take the whole museum tour and can relax in the garden made behind the museum.

Blennerville Windmill

This windmill is the most iconic thing about Tralee. It is visible from both, inside and outside of the city. And it is visible from miles and miles away. People travel all the way just to reach and get photographed. The height of the mill stands at 21.5 meters and is the tallest mill among all Ireland.  The mill was built in the 1800s and is situated right beside the southern coast beaches. They give us tours of inside the milk and its ancient working procedures. Such a tour doesn’t require any occurred cost. You can take the tour and then sit and relax by the waters.


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The moment I set foot in Luang Prabang, I just fell in love with it. This is beautiful countryside. This lies on the bank of Nam Khan River. This splendid city is pretty popular among international, as well as a local tourist. It is a royal land of religion, tradition, and nature. Believe it or not, over half of the city has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Take a look at the best things you can do during your visit.


  • Climb Up Phousi Mountain


It is one of the primary attractions of Phousi Mountain. I climbed 355 steps to be on the mountain top. When I reached the viewing platform, I was simply taken aback by the view it had to offer. I also found a temple at the top of the mountain. It is only a small hill. The panoramic view makes the trip worth it.


  • Take a Tour of Wat Manorom


Don’t forget to visit one of the oldest temples in the city. The main attraction is the main ordination that is also called Sim in Lao. Just inside the Sim, I found a statue of Buddha. It is made of bronze and is from 1372. However, I came to learn that it has been restored many times. Reaching Wat is already an adventure as you have to walk through the twisted streets in order to reach the courtyard.


  • Check Out Kuang Si Waterfalls


This was the highlight of my trip. In order to reach, I cycled through the countryside. You can also signup for some tour. When you get there, you can trek through the jungle. I came across several falls which revealed itself by and by. The plunge pool at the base is adequate for swimming.

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Salem is more popularly called the Witch City and has turned out to be the destination for Wiccans, witches, and neo-pagans. This always drew my attention and thus, I decided to visit the city. Well, the city has so much to offer than you can imagine. As a matter of fact, tourists are never going to get bored. If you plan to visit the city anytime soon, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Peabody Essex Museum

This museum showcases a collection of maritime art, historical art, American decorative art, and also contemporary art from Japan, China, India, Korea, North America, Pacific Islands, and Africa. Huang family’s ancestral home that is two centuries old interested me the most. Many historic houses are a part of the museum and have been opened to the visitors. The interior work is splendid and has been done by Samuel McIntire.

Maritime National Historic Site

It covers 9 acres of waterfront along with 12 historic buildings from the 18th-19th-century history of maritime. This has helped in bringing forth the economic independence of the United States. I came across the 18th-century selling vessel used for commercial purpose call the Friendship. Here, you will be able to view exhibits, catch orientation films, and get a glimpse into Nathaniel Hawthorne’s life.

House of Seven Gables

It is a collection of colonial homes which comprises the oldest standing wooden mansion of New England from the 17th century. This house has been used a setting for the popular novel by Hawthorne which goes by the same name as the house. I took a guided tour and they took me up the secret staircase while enumerating the history of the previous occupants of the mansion. There are photos, artifacts, and painting that you can check out.

Albeit, it is not as popular as the other cities in Canada, it is a beautiful city to explore. It is popular for its annual events and historical sites. The hospitality of the local people is charming. This is a great place for families, as well as couples who are looking for a weekend destination. The food, art, and outdoor activities are enjoyable. Take a look at the best things you can do in this city.

  • Visit Anvil Center

This is multi-functional space, which is located at the center of New Westminster. Here, you will be able to watch the performances by local artists group. I have to say that these people are so talented and the shows are amazing. This is a great place for theatre and art enthusiasts. Catch a show with your family to have a good time.

  • Tour Irving House

This is must-visit attractions for history lovers. Here, you will be able to find out how life had been like in the 1800s. It had been the residence of William Irving, the entrepreneur, and the steamship captain. The mansion has been so well-maintained that it looks still as good as new. If you want, you can avail the guided tour to know more about this historical mansion.

  • Marvel the view at New Westminster Quay

New Westminster Quay is located towards the right of Fraser River. Go out with your family on a sunny day. Walk along the boardwalk while you enjoy the scenic beauty. I relaxed and soaked in the sunlight by the hammock.

  • Taste the food at river market

If you are a foodie, the best place to enjoy a good meal is the Quayside Drive’s, River Market. There is an extensive range of cafes and restaurants to be found here. Trust me; the food served here is absolutely delicious.

New Brunswick has many surprises stored for the tourists. There are numerous attractions that can be suitable for all budgets, travel styles, and interests. I enjoyed every outdoor activity offered by this city. If you are planning to visit New Brunswick, there are a few things you can enjoy.

  • Bay of Fundy and Fundy National Park

Most of the attractions that make this city so enticing are related to the Bay of Fundy. You will see the highest tides in here. This measures up to 19 meters and takes place 2 times every day. As the tides rise and fall, it develops a natural phenomenon which includes the Reversing Falls and a tidal bore of Moncton.

In Fundy National Park, see the forest meets the tide. You are going to get a breathtaking view in here. The best part is that you will get to enjoy this view all throughout the year. There are hiking trails and along them to enjoy the natural beauty. I was simply mesmerized by the beauty of the three waterfalls.

  • Hopewell Rock

Want to know a stunning fact about this rock? These look different on low and high tides. On high tides, it looks like tree-clad lands and on low tide; it appears like large eroded sea stacks. You will be able to check them out from a series of platforms. During low tide, you can walk down the stairs on the ocean bed. I took the guidance of the park ranger in here.

  • The Fundy Trail

The beautiful coastal Fundy Trail Park was a great experience. There are picnic spots where you will be able to enjoy the coastal cliffs and marine wildlife. You will find trails where you can go hiking and cycling. If you happen to visit during low tides, you can access the sea caves.

Florianopolis also was known as Floripa is separated into two parts. The main part is associated with cultural life is situated on a small island. The city is the capital of Santa Catarina. What attracted to me the place was that this place has more than 40 beaches and several things to do. This is the best place to visit during your summer vacation. Take a look at the sights and activities that the city has to offer.



  • Public market

Previously, this market consisted of tents which were separated into two parts. One was from the countryside locals and dealers from the locality. I found foodstuffs, hinterland drugs, fresh meals, and spices like vanilla and cinnamon in this market. This is lucrative and attractive for the tourists and the traders alike. However, now, the market sells not just food items but also handicrafts, clothes, and crockeries.

  • Historic center

If you want to gather some information on the city, visit the city’s historic center. You will find many historical buildings such as Cathedral Metropolitana and Public Market along with beautiful museums, plazas, and parks. As a matter of fact, you will also come across an extensive range of restaurants.

  • Spend time at the beach

Being a water sport and beach enthusiast, this place was a must-visit. The best beaches to surf are Praia Brava and Praia Mole. However, if you are new to surfing visit Barra da Lagoa. Joaquina is the place for the international surfing competition. Praia Moçambique, the natural beauty also has some of the popular and rich clubs. You can either visit them all or choose the right one for you.

  • Party

It is just the right place to party. There are many clubs and bars. In fact, you can use the beach for a barbeque party. The beaches offer bar and lounge during the daytime and transform to clubs during the night.

Oaxaca is a wonderful city in the center of Mexico. It is mostly popular for its colonial buildings, most of which are made from green volcanic stone. It has a central Zocalo Square featuring Palacio de Gobierno which is designed with colorful murals that depict regional history. It has a beautiful church with a rich baroque interior along with the adjoining former convent. I personally liked the indigenous culture prevalent in this city. This city offers you many things, some of them are listed below:


  • Church of Santo Domingo De Guzmán


This is one of the churches in Oaxaca. Being a religious person, I preferred to visit this place first, on my trip to the city. The church and the former monastery of Santo Domingo is basically a Baroque building complex in Oaxaca. The complex also offers a sanctuary as well as an extensive system of courtyards.  


  • Mercado 20 De Noviembre


If you want to experience the local life and culture here, then this is the perfect place to be.   An old friend, Luke  He loves boating and loves experiencing the outdoors in Florida and this place reminds him a lot of areas back home outside of Tampa.  The Mercado 20 De has been one of Oaxaca’s largest markets. It has small stalls. You can find a variety of colorful handicrafts, jewelry, bags, shoes as well as flowers, spices, etc. So, this market is typically for shoppers and food buffers. I have personally enjoyed authentic Mexican food here.


  • Templo De Santo Domingo


Another attractive place of this city is Templo de Santo Domingo. It is a beautiful shrine that is dripping with gold and even ornately carved stone and woodwork. The church’s interior is all covered in gold. Its beauty really amazed me. Along with these spots, this city has many other places with a breathtaking and mesmerizing view. Zona Arqueológica De Monte Albán Zócalo Oaxaca is a small but bustling square. The city also has Benito Juárez National Park located in the valley region of Oaxaca.

If you are planning for a picnic this vacations then Recife is the most wonderful and amazing spot that can refresh you. I have explored the length and breadth of the city and I would like to visit it again and again as its beautiful tourist spots have impressed me the most. The city offers a wonderful landscape featured with many rivers, bridges, and peninsulas. Boa Viagem Beach is the most attractive place where you can spend your time. This beach is sheltered by reefs. The tall apartment blocks, modern hotels and restaurants add up in making Recife as the most wonderful tourist destination.


  • Boa Viagem Beach


This beach extends for about 7 Kms in length from Pina in the north to the Piedade beach and it is the most wonderful tourist destination. The landscape of the beach is featured by tall buildings on one side and coral reefs on another side. When the tides recede, miniature swimming pools are formed and this is what I found the most amusing at this beach. There are a number of hut shaped shops that attract most of the tourists.


  • Rua Do Bom Jesus Island


This island was founded by the Portuguese and it is the most attractive tourist spot of Recife. The Kahal Zur Synagogue, located here is a good place to visit. The outdoor concerts here amused me the most here. These concerts are held during weekends and they are free for the public. The island boasts about Praca Artur Oscar which is famous for its nightlife and Malakoff Tower which was a former astrological observatory.


  • Capela Dourada


Capela Dourada is also known as the Golden Chapel. This is a two-storied arch. The cedar is decorated with pure gold. This makes it look the most beautiful. The statue of the Lord Jesus stands on the golden cross and silver rays shines behind his head, filling the ambiance with Sanctity. I was mesmerized with the spiritual aura of the place. It is a must-visit destination.